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A wonderful way for a bride to express her Wedding veils

Wedding veils provide a wonderful way for a bride to express her personality while enhancing the traditional bridal image. The classics both highlight the dress and expresses clearly who the bride is. Today these come in many styles to best suit the bride and her gown on this special day. Most veils are categorized by their length although their length really depends on the bride’s height, and where it is attached.
Elbow length is one option. This length enhances the waist of the gown, A one-tier scalloped edge veil is delicate and can be enhanced with beads and Swarovski crystals around the edge. especially if the gown has other line details. You can also find glamorous drama in the elbow length, with multiple tiers or a color corded edge. There are even two tiered veils with color corded edge, that can match your color scheme or your sash on your gown.

Fingertip length veils are very popular, especially with brides who are opting to wear a veil covering their face. One beautiful option is a one tier butterfly shaped veil, decorated with scattered pearls. For a dreamy romantic feel, a metallic pencil edged veil is recommended, with lace flowers embroidered near the edges.
Cathedral length veils are popular with very formal gowns, especially those with a train, or formal wedding venues. They are often one-tier and create a glamourous regal image with the veil trailing behind. These veils frame you- and the dress. For a simple yet elegant look, opt for a corded edge which delicately trims the border of the veil. A favorite option is a cathedral veil with a pencil edge and scattered pearls. If you are looking for a bit more glamour, opt a three tiered cathedral length veil with scatted rhinestones. This option still frames the figure, while drawing attention to the best part of the bride – her face!
Another traditional look is quite trendy today: the blusher. Blushers come in different styles with varying decorations, but they all ignite a feeling of elegant Old Hollywood. This piece does not cover the entire face or hair, which may be best for those with elaborate hairstyles. The blusher sits close to the face, and can be worn straight or saucily teased to the side. Crystals can be scattered among the tulle for extra depth. This piece stands out from the face, cascading around the bride in a similar manner as a longer veil would. Hair decorations can still be worn underneath if a flower or jewel in the hair is desired.
A longer version of the blusher is also available. A 25″ blusher veil is just as delicate as the shorter options but blends the softness of a blusher with the elegant length of a traditional veil.
No matter what your bridal style is, there is veils come in both white and ivory to pair well with different shades of white gowns.





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