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Bubugao i368 music mobile phone

Bubugao i368 music mobile phone

Bubugao cell phone related personnel in accepted the reporter said: “music features into consumer purchase of preferred, but the market some so-called music mobile phone is not a real music phone, MP3 ring tone, and professional music mobile phone products are generally more expensive, which hinders music lovers are selected then your favorite mobile phone. To do this, step by step introduces I-series music phone, the location is perfect sound quality including i268, i288, i328, and the latest music phone, i368 original music capabilities from appearance to the features have been upgraded to have a much higher price! “

Currently, music features become mobile phone consumption of hot spots, the availability of MP3, MP4 to become consumers buying Mobil preferred elements. In order to meet consumer demand for music phones, bubugao mobile phone was committed to the development of professional music mobile phone and get impressive results.

In addition, bubugao i368 music mobile phone also has a powerful audio and video playback capability, support MP4, 3GP video files download/playback, and supports full-screen playback. Bubugao i368 also supports USB cable connections, and support PC camera (webcam) camera, saving costs and make you ready to experience the fun of video online. Support OV company photosensitive photo technology, unique photo mode and let the real colors are more beautiful, clear video capabilities, perfect capture DV and vivid images, and support extended to allow 2G expansion card you enjoy shooting beautiful scenery.
It is understood that, step by step i368 with metallic shell and with an elegant coffee color, simple slider design, 2.4 inch TFT screen, QVGA high-definition display, stylish slim surplus Holden metallic still however, push the slide cover, softness, and embellished with blinding bright side, showing the manner.
Play in satisfying the consumer mobile phone at the same time, step by step i368 also did not forget to meet the business user\’s specific needs. Innovative use of handwriting keyboard-input modes that let you feel easy PDA cell phone; hands-free calling, handwriting, and let you drive a car or a meeting, convenient phone; large communication, management, facilitate detailed record contact information; recording pen functionality, support for long time record sound, WAV, AMR format support; support for the e-book download and read …
Industry insiders predict that as the music phone market broke out, step by step i368 etc I series music phone, including i268, i368 i288, i328, will become the leader in professional music phone, to the vast number of consumers can share experience.





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