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China’s electronic information industry analysis from the half year january to july

China’s electronic information industry analysis from the half year january to july

The first seven months of 2011, China’s electronic information industry overall growth momentum was maintained, and sustained rapid growth of software industry, the growth of manufacturing, export, effective appears ups and downs, fixed asset investment rapid growth, the domestic contribution to the growing. In the second half year, the uncertainty factor in the industry is still more, the task of industrial restructuring is still urgent need to closely track the changes with a positive response.

First, the overall
(A) the growth production flat to down. Scale manufacturing growth rate in June after a slight rebound in July showed a slight down trend, the added value, sales value increased by 15.0% and 20.5% compared to June fell by 0.6% and 1.5% points. As of the end of July, large-scale manufacturing value added growth of 14.8%, higher than the industry average growth rate of 0.5 % points; sales value of 4.0549 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.8%.

(B) the economic fluctuations
As the end of June, the industry realized main business income 3.4389 trillion yuan, up 21.6%; profit of 132.1 billion yuan, up 11.3%, industry-wide profit margin of 3.8%. Issues of concern: (1) effective growth rate fluctuations. March, industry-wide sales growth from the continuous decline, rebounded in June (23.8% growth); profit growth fluctuates significantly, especially in March, May suffered negative growth. (2) losses are still outstanding. The loss of total industry-wide is 3266, a loss (22.0%) and loss growth (63.4%) remained at a high level. (3) business cost face pressure. By the infulence of raw material prices, labor costs and the tightening of monetary policy, the first six months of the cost of main industry growth 22.3% , 0.7 %points higher than the income growth rate; interest expense growth rate of 31.6%, the next step of business still not optimistic.

(C) investment to maintain high growth. January to July, the electronic information industry investment of 500 million yuan project is completed 480.7 billion yuan, the scale of investment over the level of the first 10 months last year, an increase of 67.2%, 40.8 % points higher than industrial investment, growth rate is double more than the same period of last year .A monthly, except June, growth has declined, the rest of the year investment growth rate reached 60%, which in July completed an investment of 84.7 billion yuan, up 65.2 percent, an increase of 65.2%, growth rate increase 27.7% in June . Optoelectronic devices, new energy battery to become an important driving force of industry investment growth, in the respective investment of 764 and 890 billion yuan, up 89% and 129% of investment in industry-wide contribution to the growth rate of 19% and 26%. Home audio-visual sector investment to accelerate the declining trend, down 13%.

(D) exports continue to rise. In July, China’s electronic information products export upward trend continued last month, an increase of 15.6%, higher than the 4.8 percent June increase.As of the end of July, total import and export of electronic information products reached 625.3 billion U.S. dollars, up 15.2%; which exports $ 363 billion, an increase of 15.8%, accounting for 34.6% of exports; imports of $ 262.3 billion, up 14.4% , accounting for 27.0% of foreign imports.





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