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Shoe trends for fall/ Winter In 2011/ 2012

Shoe trends for fall/ Winter In 2011/ 2012
Nowadays, all fusionists already plan their wardrobes for the coming season. Being aware of this, designers have created and launched their Shoe trends for Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012.These trends are as diverse as ever so that every woman could find something for herself.
1. The trendiest tones for the upcoming fashion season are: black, white, stone, metallic, beige, burgundy, dark blue, chocolate, deep violet, khaki and red. Bright hues are scarce, which is normal as we prefer wearing darker colors during autumn and winter.
2. Materials that prevail in fall/ winter 2011/ 2012 shoe collections include: ordinary leather, patent and reptile skins, suede and satin. There is also a lot lace and occasional fur this season.
3. Both pike and round toes are popular. This means you can stick to your favorite shape of shoe and still be very fashionable.
4. The designs that tend to be popular are Reptile skins, Patent leather, Suede, Lacing; plenty of buckles. Reptile leather is going to be very trendy. Dozens of designers opted for snake skin to create their shoes from. Patent leather maybe a bit unpractical to wear and less versatile than ordinary leather, but no one will ever argue on the fact patent leather looks gorgeous. You can go for super bold color combinations like red and black, black and white, blue and burgundy. Good suede looks luxurious and designers know that better than others because almost every fashion season we see thousands of different shoe designs made of this material. Lacing, which used to be rather delicate and feminine in Spring, has become sexier and more aggressive in Fall and Winter. Fashion repeats itself. A couple of seasons ago we already spoke about buckles but then they nearly all disappeared just to return now in a larger diversity.
5. Platforms, wedges, Chunky heel and Spike heels are trendy. Colorful and unusual platforms are more modest and elegant. It is quite reasonable that chunky heels appear during colder seasons as they provide comfort and confidence we all need at this time. Styles of these shoes are very different, from classy pumps to rocker boots. Chunky heels are comfy but they will never be as stylish and sexy as spike heels that are why designers always create loads of shoes with stilettos. Women love them because they love looking sexy.





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