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Come to Yiwu at First Time

Come to Yiwu at First Time
1.1. Thanks for your professionalism – Yiwu Amanda Intl Group.

Thanks for your professionalism – Yiwu Amanda Intl Group. My partner and I are very satisfied of our visit in Yiwu.

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Yiwu (way back too), for a reasonable price (US$130 per car) and a very careful driver – Mr. Horse.

Ramada Plaza Yiwu is very nice, price is good (US$56 with internet, computer and breakfast). You know, Ramada is 4 star worldwide business hotels, too cheap!

Thanks Ms. April. Be Very familiar with the market and products, great in English-Chinese translation, careful in purchasing & taking photos.

Thanks Amanda, so many well-trained staffs.

And thanks Mr. Oscar, the boss of Yiwu Amanda Intl Group and the driver of Ms. Amanda.

Are you looking for a place to buy general merchandise with cheap wholesale price? Look no further than Yiwu market.

1.2. Yiwu market impressed me at the first time. The commodities made me daze.

Yiwu market impressed me at the first time. The commodities made me daze.

The business had ever made me exhausted.

Now Amanda Yiwu agent makes it very easy for me.

We have a chain supermarket. Every three months, I used to go to many cities to purchase. One of friends told me that maybe I should go to Yiwu to take a look. And he introduced his agent to me.

I was busy going from shops to shops. The translators from Amanda Intl Group handled everything for me.

After I went back, the agent placed the order and exported to our country.

Now, it is unnecessary for me to go many cities of China. I can find everything in Yiwu market. And the price is lower and the delivery is becoming more convenient.

1.3. Hello everyone. I’d like to share my experience of business in China.

Hello everyone. I’d like to share my experience of business in China.

At first, please allow me to have an introduction of myself. My name is Wade. I come from UK.

A few years ago, I had opened a toy company with my friend. After graduating from university, we began to set up our business in UK. The company didn’t run well at first. After one or two years, the turning of our company was coming. I have read a piece of news about Chinese toy industry. Then I decided to go to Yiwu China.

It was said the International commodity Trade City is the biggest market in the world.

After couple of day’s journey, I arrived at Yiwu. The city is not too big. I could see lots of foreigners in the street.

The next day, after I left the hotel, I took a taxi go directly to the International Commodity Market. It was very crowded because there are too many business men come here to purchase.

I found the toy market in the first district. The toys in this market include fluffy toys, inflatable, intelligence toys and so on. I didn’t place the order at the first time but ask the price and calculate the cost. And also I have bought some samples to test the quality.

After I went back to UK, I discussed with my partner. Then we decided to go to Yiwu and talked directly to the suppliers. They suggested we should find an agent to export the toys to UK. We followed their suggestion.

It became easier for our business.

Because the designs are new and the quality is high, the firstling was hot-sale.

Now, with the help of the agent and the golden suppliers, our business is becoming better. We want to open a branch in New York. So we need more people work with us. Let’s create another myth together in the future.

1.4. This is my first time been Yiwu, China.

This is my first time been Yiwu, China. I’m a native wholesaler in my small town, I realize the Yiwu market is a market that provide various of products, in order to know the market well, I been there.

I arrived Shanghai first, and went to Yiwu almost 3 hours by car, $130 cost. After been Yiwu, I lived in the Ramada Plaza Yiwu, at that time, nearly 22:00, and it’s all because of the Amanda Group’s help I can have a good rest for after such a long trip been China.

The business started the next day; the staff April guides me in the International Trade City. They are professional, help me a lot and a quick speed to find the exact products I want.

Thanks Amanda and Oscar, inviting me to have a nice Chinese dinner after everything finished, really a very good business partner in China.

1.5. My name is Jacky. The journey to Yiwu market is very impressive.

My name is Jacky. The journey to Yiwu market is very impressive. I would like to share the experience with you.

I heard about Yiwu market a few months ago. After I contacted with my agent Yiwu Amanda Company, I took airplane to Yiwu China. The agent company sent the driver to pick me up from Yiwu airport. I had a little jetlag, so the drive sent me to the hotel directly. Amanda Company had booked the hotel before I came to China. I felt comfortable to stay in this four stars hotel. It is very convenient because there are luxurious restaurants, barber shop, gymnasium and so on.

The next day, after I finished my breakfast, the boss of Amanda Company and his staff were waiting for me downstairs. Firstly, we went to their office together and talked about the business with Amanda. Everything went well in the office.

After all the business details were agreed, the translators TT and Steven, a beautiful girl and a handsome boy, took me to the market by the MPV. At the first sight of the market, I was shocked. I have never seen the market bigger and more amazing than this one. We went directly to the district I want to purchase.

On the 1st in district 1, there are full of fluffy toys and animal toys. I talked to the shop assistant and ask the price, packing details, and quality. TT and Steven took photos and wrote down the details on the notebook. We went around and around the market till midday. Then we had lunch in the restaurant inside the market. Chinese food is very delicious. If you don’t like Chinese food, there are some western restaurants on the fourth floor.

After I finished shopping, the driver took me to the hotel. The agent placed the order and delivered the goods to my country after I went back home. It is very convenient for the business.

1.6. Hey, guys, how are you doing?

For me, I am totally fine. Who is me? I am Ewan from USA doing business of toy and school supply wholesales. I am not good at doing business with high pressure from inner competition in the US. But what, I find a way to avoid that and even do business better and easier with a competitive pricing.

How could I make it? It is not a short story but I will use two words to abstract.

Under the condition of globalization, I am online like many others to communicate with people around the word.

By accident, I come across a friend from China. Maybe he just wants to practice her English. By the way, he occurs me to have a look in China and meanwhile find the potential in Chinese market.

So I check the internet, and Yiwu city turns out to be the perfect place I should go. But it is hard to go by myself without a guide even though having a friend in northeast of China. It doesn’t work out having her.

After searching I figure out that there are many Yiwu agents or import & export companies in Yiwu. I choose one according to its high professionalism and low cost. It is Yiwu Amanda import & export company.

I have wondered what I should do if they are not friendly and always care about my money. But the truth is that they are so friendly and show their respect on me. The best service I’ve ever met happened to me. Maybe you don’t believe, but I don’t care. What exactly I care about is to show people how Yiwu Amanda do to me. Through it, I purchase a lot of products with ok quality but lower price than that in USA.

Obviously, my business is stronger, even though the economic crisis still affects the confidence in the markets. But it seems to an opportunity for me to sell the dollar item products. And it sells so well that I have to contact Yiwu Amanda Import and Export Company all the time.

They can arrange the goods for me shipped to USA. Of course, sometimes I go there have a purchase. That is amazing!

As friends, hope Yiwu Amanda be more successful, and keep doing on the first rate service indeed.





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