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The white wedding gown came into style

When the white wedding gown came into style to represent the virginity of the bride to be, the white veil followed as well. The origin of lace veils is an American one. It is said to have begun when George Washington’s step granddaughter, Nellie Custis, married his nephew Lawrence Lewis ina ceremony at Mount Vernon on February 22, 1799. Nellie chose lace because Lewis had once glimpsed her face through the lace curtains of an open window — and then afterwards he couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she had looked.
Today, the veil is worn as a tradition and an accessory to the bridal gown. There are have some most popular styles veil :
* Blusher: A short veil that covers the bride’s face as she enters the ceremony.
* Flyaway: A short veil that ends at the shoulder.
* Fingertip: Extends just below the waist, brushing your fingertips.
* Sweep: Ends at the floor.
* Chapel: Measures 9 feet long and trails along the ground.
* Cathedral: Measures 12 feet long and has a significant train.
The headpiece really sets a veil off and it can be found in a variety of shapes. The most popular is a tiara, decorated with rhinestones or pearls. For outdoor or casual weddings, wreaths and circlets made from flowers can be worn as a headpiece. The veil can be attached with a comb or Velcro. If the bride chooses, she can detach the veil later on an dance the day or the night away.
Wedding experts say that the best advice for choosing your headpiece is to “pick out your wedding gown first; decide on your hairstyle second and then choose the headpiece and veil.”
Experts say that elbow length veils are among the most versatile. “They can vary in length from just above the elbows to fingertip length. They go well with A-line, princess, sheath and chemise-style dresses or even a moderate ball gown.” Veils typically are made of tulle or sheer netting and range in price from about $100 to several thousand dollars, depending on the ornamentation and the headpiece, which can be sold separately.
Whatever length or style of veil you chose, you’re sure to look every inch the bride as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom. With the many varieties available, you can make your ensemble as unique as your own personality.

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