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Yiwu Vehicle Market

Yiwu Vehicle Market

Yiwu vehicle market locates in the 2nd district of International commodity market.You can find the tools sets, GPS, and other digital instruments in Yiwu vehicle market.

Yiwu vehicle market includes all kinds of tools of vehicle repair, electronic instrument and others. There are thousands of showrooms in this district. The commodity in the showrooms also includes other hardware tools and accessories. Suppliers most come from Zhejiang province.

You can expect more than enough pliers, screw drivers, screw driver bits and screw driver handles…on this entire floor.

About 70% of them are factory direct sale offices, around 26% are general agents, and around 3.5% are exclusive distributors. Over 80% of them are from local cities like Yongkang, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Pujiang. The rest 20% are from Guangdong and Jiangsu province.

Buyers can get a cheaper price from here than even directly from factories!

Many local places, like Yongkang and Wenzhou, want to use Yiwu market as a window to show buyers that they always have better prices for the same products. So they keep quoting lower prices than suppliers from other regions to build a public image.

You can find the tools sets, GPS, and other digital instruments in Yiwu vehicle market.

Yiwu vehicle tools and hardware market have got the reputation of low price and high quality products; now this reputation is going to be heard by the world. Yiwu is now becoming more and more international. Lots of foreigners know the Yiwu market. They begin to find that the price here is lower with the VIP service. Some of them decide to come to the vehicle market to purchase. After they come back to their motherlands, they find that they can earn more profit than purchase in the local market in surprise.

Small mixed orders are very easy here. Some buyers from the small company and some just want to have a try order, so they don’t want to place a large order. The mixed designs and mix colors is allowed here in shops. But the minimum order quantity is very different here.

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