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Yiwu Socks Market

Yiwu Socks Market

Among yiwu socks market, the world biggest 5 socks producers are all located in Yiwu. This article will introduce Yiwu Socks Market to you.

The location of Yiwu Socks Market: 1st Floor, District 4, International Trade City. Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, except a 7-day-close down during Spring Festival.

Yiwu Socks Market

Please take a journey to Yiwu sock market. The socks market is a must-see place of the market. Over half of the socks in the world are produced by Yiwu and its close neighbor-Zhuji, which is one hour ride away. So if you have 10 socks in your wardrobe, most probably, 5 of them are produced and shipped out from here.

There are all kinds of women socks, men socks, kids’ socks, knee high socks, sports socks, silk stockings, leggings.

Among yiwu socks market, the world biggest 5 socks producers are all located in Yiwu.

The world best socks machines like Lonati, Sangiacomo, Matec, Brothers are all put inside their workshops. One of them is even the exclusive supplier for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. That’s the first socks exclusive supplier in Olympic history. They are also an official partner of NBA.

There are some other brands like Gold Toe, Puma, Nike, Addidas, and Kettenbach.

The price differs from different kinds of socks. Some is cheap, but the price of some expensive ones is up to 10 US dollar. Most of the suppliers had own brands and trademarks registered, which is very much unlike other markets in Yiwu. So, it is hard for you to find non-brands socks in the socks market.

Some socks makers here are the suppliers for world top brands like Puma and Gold toe, and some others are the suppliers for retailers like Wal-Mart and Kmart. So you may also trust them on their quality.

The strong suppliers all have certificates like CSCC, WRAP and M/S.

The environment here is very comfortable. You can go around the market and consider the quality, price, and variety. The price will satisfy you if can find the right suppliers.

Most of the factories are the direct sellers. You can have a test sample in the market. If you have more cooperation with the supplier, you can test the factory.

Yiwu market is now becoming international. The reputation is heard by the world. Welcome come to the Yiwu socks market to searching Yiwu stockings.





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