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Yiwu toy market

Yiwu toy market
Yiwu Toys Market has 3,200 stalls for electric toys, inflation toys, plush toys, toys for toddlers, toys for grannies… on the first floor in district one of Yiwu International Trade City.And the opening hours is from 17:00pm.except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival,they work on 365 days.
Yiwu Toys Market is the largest wholesale toys market place in China. Toys are also one of the strongest industries of china. You can find all big China toy brands like ULTRAMAN from Guangdong and GoodBaby from Jiangsu. Of course you’ll also see tons of smaller brands and local non-brands.
Yiwu Toys Market georgraphical location also is clearness. You can find one stall only displaying tiny dolls, while its neighbor are having larger size dolls. So it’s very easy for browsing from outside.and Many shop assistants love playing their new or hot models outside their booth or in the lobby, the whole toys market is like a live showroom.and inside looking,A typical booth is about 4X4X3 meters, has two or three shop assistants, and displaying products as much as possible. Especially in the dolls section, many shops are fully packed with dolls
Yiwu Toys Market have Few stalls willing to offer free samples. Most of them prefer you buy a sample first then deduct that money from your future orders. Buying a sample is usually a bit more expensive than the wholesale price.
The service quality improved significantly from last year after worldwide financial crisis hit this industry, but the overall service level still lags far behind of developed countries. But many “laobans” can still deliver good service.
Yiwu Toys Market Prices is vary from a few cents for small buddies to a few hundred dollars for the newest best quality Transformers, and you can find really good dollar store items here too. Minimum Oder can be as small as dozens pieces. you can call Most of the shop assistants or shop owners “laoban”, pronounced “Lorban”, there have no difficulties quoting a price or dealing with simple questions in English. But if you want to go further, you need a contact a sourcing agent company.our company yiwu amanda import and export company like sevice for you, we are no.1 agent in yiwu china,low to 1% commission.





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