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1. Come to Yiwu at First Time

More and more customers come to Yiwu every year. New customers read me please!

1.1. Thanks for your professionalism – Yiwu Amanda Intl Group. My partner and I are very satisfied of our visit in Yiwu. From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Yiwu (way back too), for a reasonable price (US$130 per car) and a very careful driver – Mr. Horse. Ramada Plaza Yiwu is very nice, price is good (US$56 with internet, computer and breakfast). You know, Ramada is 4 star worldwide business hotels, too cheap! Thanks Ms. April. Be Very familiar with the market and products, great in English-Chinese translation, careful in purchasing & taking photos. Thanks Amanda, so many well-trained staffs. And thanks Mr. Oscar, the boss of Yiwu Amanda Intl Group and the driver of Ms. Amanda.

1.2. Yiwu market impressed me at the first time. The commodities made me daze. The business had ever made me exhausted. Now Amanda Yiwu agent makes it very easy for me. We have a chain supermarket. Every three months, I used to go to many cities to purchase. One of friends told me that maybe I should go to Yiwu to take a look. And he introduced his agent to me.I was busy going from shops to shops. The translators from Amanda Intl Group handled everything for me. After I went back, the agent placed the order and exported to our country. Now, it is unnecessary for me to go many cities of China. I can find everything in Yiwu market. And the price is lower and the delivery is becoming more convenient.

1.3. This is my first time been Yiwu, China. I’m a native wholesaler in my small town, I realize the Yiwu market is a market that provide various of products, in order to know the market well, I been there. I arrived Shanghai first, and went to Yiwu almost 3 hours by car, $130 cost. After been Yiwu, I lived in the Ramada Plaza Yiwu, at that time, nearly 22:00, and it’s all because of the Amanda Group’s help I can have a good rest for after such a long trip been China. The business started the next day; the staff April guides me in the International Trade City. They are professional, help me a lot and a quick speed to find the exact products I want. Thanks Amanda and Oscar, inviting me to have a nice Chinese dinner after everything finished, really a very good business partner in China.


2. Shop Owners

An owner of several shops, 99 cent stores, discount stores, gift shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, one dollar stores or one euro shops? Yiwu market is the best sourcing place in the world.

2.1. My name is Kevin from USA running a supermarket. Having the cooperation with Yiwu Amanda Intl Group, there is a big profit I can get from this relationship, which increases by 50%. Under the crisis, I would not be afraid, because I find a way to be competitive with the protection of lower price but still high quality from Yiwu Amanda Intl Group. Now for the business, I have regular trips to go to Yiwu China.

2.2. I am Jack from Sweden. I have three shops in my country focusing on daily life supplies. One day when I came across a piece of news about the Yiwu Market. I become interested in this market and the productions. There are lots of factories around this city and this province. So the commercial is flourishing with all kinds of commodities. At last, I decided to have a journey to Yiwu China. Before this journey, I contacted with Yiwu Amanda Intl Group. The company arranged the hotel and let two translators go shopping with me. I chose the commodities then the company helped me place the order and delivered the goods to Sweden after I came back. It’s very convenient for me. They are very professional. The commission is affordable. The first time was the try order. Some sold well, others not. Then at the next time, I continued to place the well-selling ones and see some new modes.

2.3. My name is Alex from USA. We are running five antique shops. One of my Chinese friends told me I should talk a journey to Yiwu Market. I am not familiar with Yiwu Market and the city. So my friend suggested me to find an agent in yiwu. Then I got the agent from the Internet. The agent company let two guides go with me when I went shopping. I told the translator what I need. They can take me to those shops. With their guide, I have found the amazing market on the third and fourth floor in district one. The shop owners display all kinds of antique, decoration articles, oil paintings vases and so on in their showrooms. More importantly, the price is lower than other places I had been to because most of them are direct sales from factory. The business became easier with the service of the agent. What’s more, when I want more, it is unnecessary for me to go back to Yiwu market. The agent can handle everything in China for me. They place the order and deliver the goods to USA. I got more profits since the cost is lower. And it is unnecessary for me to pay for the expensive plane tickets. I can save more money. My business is becoming better and better. I am thinking about opening another shop. May be next time I need 2 x 40ft containers instead of 1 x 20ft container.

2.4. I’m Cliff from England; I have a shop in my native town, a daily use products shop that sells one dollar products. I am really glad to introduce people to do business with Amanda Group, using my experience because this company is very serious and you can trust it. I spent 5 days in Yiwu, the staff of Amanda Group Susie & April to be my guide. For 5 days here, it seems really busy here, I made a list for both of us before, name out the kind of good I need, because of the first time been here, it’s really a difficult job for me if everything I finished by myself, thanks for the Amanda Group, everything go smoothly. Before I arrived here, they help me book the hotel, then the next day, we started our business, we went to the Yiwu International City, and mainly ordered in the daily use market, all the goods I want can be ordered here. I’m so happy for the trip to Yiwu, China. After I went back to my country, they help me export the goods I ordered, the goods seem have a good market in my native town. Thanks so much for Yiwu Amanda Group, really a Group can help you a lot for your ordering in Yiwu.


3. Change ex-agent to Yiwu Amanda

There are too many export agents in Yiwu. But I want to say, it is too difficult to find a professional agent.

3.1 We came to Yiwu first time in 2005. We have a dollar store in Canada. The ex-agent is good; we cooperate with them for 5 years. We tried one 40ft container with Yiwu Amanda Group in Mar. 2010. Amanda Company is better because they charge us 2% to 3% and the ex-agent charges us 10%. We import 6 to 8 x 40ft HQ every year. Amanda is our ONLY one agent in Yiwu now. I introduced my friend Nick who does belts business came to Amanda’s office in Oct. 2010.

3.2 There are too many export agents in Yiwu. But I want to say, it is too difficult to find a professional agent. I have changed 4 agents. Why I changed? The 1st ex-agent changes my items to similar items (low quality and low price). The 2nd ex-agent always delays the delivery time and answers my email after 5 to 7 days. The 3rd ex-agent does not know what I mean every time. I want to say, their English is too poor. Amanda Group is my 4th agent in Yiwu. They are much better, reliable and professional.

3.3 Product Quality is most important for us. Amanda team does inspection and quality control very strictly. They open each carton one by one and give me QC report. They help us add inner box, print colored catalogue. They are the best agent in Yiwu.


4. Multi-language

Language barrier? Can not speak English? Speak only Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese languages?

4.1 Ni Hao! I am from Belgium. 2 girls (Miss Catherine and Miss Florence) of Yiwu Amanda Group guide me in the market every time when I am in Yiwu. They are so nice. I talk with them in English, German and French. They teach me Chinese. No any language barrier. I like speaking Chinese very much. I bought a Chinese-English dictionary. Xie Xie!

4.2 We are from Spain. We import all kinds of toys from Yiwu market every year. Ms. Margarita speaks Spanish very well. Thank you for Yiwu Amanda Team’s help.

4.3 I am from Senegal. Our family has 2 convenience stores in our city. I can speak only a little English. I worried about language barrier before I came to Yiwu China. When I search “Yiwu Chine” in and found, then I enjoyed my Yiwu trip.

4.4 We are jewelry and fashion accessories wholesaler in Italy. We cooperate with our agent Yiwu Amanda Group for 4 years. We have our own brand. We need Italian language marks, labels, inner boxes, manuals. Amanda Company does them very well every time.

4.5 We import shoes from Yiwu market and Jinjiang to Brazil. It is very difficult to find a reliable agent company which has employees who can speak Portuguese languages. We are lucky that we find Yiwu Amanda Group. They guide us in Yiwu market and help us in Jinjiang factories.


5. VIP customers

Over 100 Containers Shipping Per Year, Over 20 Million US Dollars Turnover. See what they had said.

5.1 We are leading artificial flowers companies in Brazil. We export from China (40% in Yiwu, 30% in Tianjin, 20% in Guangdong, 10% in other cities) at least 500 containers. Yiwu Amanda Group is our agent in China from 2008. They charge us 1% commission.

5.2 We are top3 office and school supplies in Poland. Our companies founded in 1920s. We attend Canton Fair every year start from 1958. We came to Yiwu start from 2010. Yiwu market is a good place for sourcing new items, small MOQ, fast delivery.

5.3 We are big chain supermarkets in South America. We have 56 stores in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, etc. We (a group of six to eight) come to Yiwu every 2 months. Yiwu Amanda Group offers us one stop solution services: pick up us from Shanghai pudong airport, book the best hotel in Yiwu with discount price, translators (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) guide us in the market and factories in other cities, inspection and quality control, ship containers.

5.4 We are a promotional gifts company in United States and Mexico. We do promotional items for Coca Cola, Budweiser, Bank of America, Wal-Mart, etc. Our products include Album, Balloon, Bottle opener, Calculator, Calendar, Caps, Crystal, Flags, Frisbees, Jewelry, Keychain, Lanyard, Mirrors, Mouse Pads, Mug, Pen, Stationery, Toys, T shirt, Watches, etc. Yiwu Amanda Group is one of our Chinese suppliers. They always help us find new ideas.





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