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Shanghai to Yiwu

Shanghai to Yiwu

Would you come from shanghai to Yiwu? Shanghai is the largest city in China. Welcome to Yiwu vis Shanghai!

Shanghai to Yiwu By private car

The easiest way would be getting someone to pick you up from Shanghai Pudong Airport, then a 4 hour’s drive to Yiwu directly. The car is 7 seat Buick GL8 MPV. The rate is 800CNY (130USD) per car.

Our regular customers usually choose this way.

Shanghai to Yiwu By train

#1 From Pudong airport to Yiwu:

Take Line 7 (07:00-23:00 GMT+8:00)airport bus from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai South Railway Station (around 100 minutes), then take a 2-3 hours train(RMB50.00-100.00) directly from Shanghai South Railway Station to Yiwu Railway Station.

We can pick up you at Yiwu Railway Station.
Train Number        From                                                   ETD                              To                          TOA Time
K527                          Shanghai South                          04:18                          Yiwu                          07:50 3h52min
K8371                        Shanghai South                          06:04                          Yiwu                          09:31 3h35min
K833                           Shanghai South                          06:37                          Yiwu                          10:54 4h17min
K8457                        Shanghai South                          06:43                          Yiwu                          11:39 5h16min
D5685                        Shanghai South                          07:10                          Yiwu                          09:36 2h26min
2581/2584               Shanghai South                          07:18                          Yiwu                          11:45 4h42min
D5689                        Shanghai South                          07:43                          Yiwu                          10:05 2h22min
T7779                       Shanghai South                          08:20                          Yiwu                          11:28 3h8min
K149                          Shanghai South                          08:49                          Yiwu                          12:31 3h42min
T7763                       Shanghai South                          08:59                          Yiwu                          12:38 3h39min
2135                           Shanghai South                          09:06                          Yiwu                          13:19 4h13min
T169                           Shanghai South                          11:27                          Yiwu                          14:25 2h58min
K533/K536             Shanghai South                          11:51                          Yiwu                          14:57 3h6min
K1209B                     Shanghai South                          12:10                          Yiwu                          18:04 5h54min
K1209/K1212A     Shanghai South                          12:10                          Yiwu                          18:04 5h54min
K163                           Shanghai South                          12:20                          Yiwu                          16:40 4h20min
T211                           Shanghai South                          12:34                          Yiwu                          15:10 2h36min

The fast trains are in bold.

#2 From Other Places of Shanghai to Yiwu:

If you’re at other places in Shanghai, just manage to get to Shanghai South Railway Station, and then jump onto the train to Yiwu. It’s easy, your hotel front desk can help you with that.

P.S. Better get someone to buy the tickets one day in advance, because some of the fast train tickets can be sold out by the time you get to train station.

Shanghai to Yiwu By Bus
If you do not like the on-and-offs, you can have another option: Take a non-stop bus from Pudong Airport to Yiwu.

There are two buses departure from Pudong Airport for Yiwu. One at 11:40, the other at 16:30(GMT+08:00).You can buy the ticks(180.00 CNY/adult) right inside the airport. Please confirm this with the airport service staff first and ask for any help.

If the Pudong Airport buses time is not right for you, you can go to other long distance bus stations in Shanghai like: Tai Ping Yang (The Pacific) Bus Station, Shanghai South Bus Station, Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station… more than 50 buses leaving from Shanghai to Yiwu each day.

Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport, Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel
#1 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 35 RMB – 50 RMB, according to your hotel location.

#2 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 30 RMB – 50 RMB, according to your hotel location.

We can pick up you from Yiwu airport or yiwu train station using our company car (5-seat car Mercedes Benz or 7-seat car Buick GL8 MPV). It is FREE for our customers.





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