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White Marriage Gauze White gives us a sense of quietness, purity and clearness. This color is simple but also causes boundless imagination far. White, as a mainstream color of the wedding dress, has its profound historical roots. In the reign of the sovereign, the status of women in society is very low, people are very serious about the woman of chastity, and girls before marriage must be pure. This idea is also reflected in the color of the...

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Wedding dress in Yiwu Three years I’ve been waiting against my own will. And now I’m determined to have my own way. And I’m going to be married next Monday morning. Next Monday morning the bells they’ll ring. My true love will buy me a gay golden ring. Also he’ll buy me a new pretty gown. To wear at my wedding next Monday morning. ——Adapted from “Monday Morning” Walking along the red carpet, holding...

Read More >>The white wedding gown came into style

When the white wedding gown came into style to represent the virginity of the bride to be, the white veil followed as well. The origin of lace veils is an American one. It is said to have begun when George Washington’s step granddaughter, Nellie Custis, married his nephew Lawrence Lewis ina ceremony at Mount Vernon on February 22, 1799. Nellie chose lace because Lewis had once glimpsed her face through the lace curtains of an open window...

Read More >>History and meaning of wedding veil

History and meaning of wedding veil Harold Whetstone Johnston says in ‘The Private Life of the Romans’ that:”Over the tunic was worn the bridal veil, the flammeum (flame-colored veil), shown in Figure 27. So important was the veil of the bride that nubere (to veil oneself) is the word regularly used for the marriage of a woman.” Japanese veil tradition is almost the opposite. Instead of a veil the bride wears a tsuno...

Read More >>Why a Veil?

Why a Veil? You can see the bride wearing a veil in her wedding ceremony. Have you thought about why? Where it originates from? Actually, the bride’s veil and bouquet are of greater antiquity than her white gown. The veil, which was yellow in ancient Greece and red in ancient Rome, usually shrouded the bride from head to foot, and has since the earliest of times, reflects the subordination of a woman to a man. According to tradition, it is...

Read More >>The Most Particular Wedding Dress in Yiwu

The Most Particular Wedding Dress in Yiwu Keep your eyes widely open, and you will find a kind of special wedding gown in Yiwu, ie, Chaozhou traditional wedding dress. This kind of wedding gown combines the technique of Chaozhou embroidery with modern fashion elements. Unlike Suzhou embroidery, the embroidery technique in Chaozhou makes use of Chinese elements so that Chaozhou wedding dress is full of Chinese characteristics. From this kind of...





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